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Manually Controlled Adventure Toy Track

  • Interactive toy for hours of engagement – with 6 color coded buttons and controls, toddlers and children get to be ‘hands on’ as they guide the toy car through 8 different challenges which promotes hand-eye coordination, enhances motor skills and sensory awareness. 
  • Promotes healthy cognitive development – by presenting children with various perceived challenges this race car toy helps sharpen a child’s ability to overcome challenges independently. Instilling problem-solving exercisesearly in life can help set children up for a productive, independent future. 
  • Mental stimulation away from screen time – with the digital landscape evolving quickly, screen time is a growing concern. The buttons on this adventure toy are color coded to correspond to the action on the board which allows children to explore and interact with this toy track, building spatial skills and sensory awareness, encouraging them to follow a series of logical steps to move the toy car along its journey while making it a whole lot of fun! 
  • Safe, rounded edges built for safe play – built with the highest quality, durable ABS plastic, this racetrack is designed to be smooth around the edges and corners for safe play and yet sturdy enough to endure the rough play of children. Since this toy is manually controlled via mechanical linkages, it doesn’t require the use of batteries so you can stop worrying about having to keep track of battery changes! 
  • Technique toys family promise - we like to maintain complete transparency with our customers and as a small business, we understand the value of good customer service. Enjoy a stress-free purchase knowing that if there are any problems at all with our product, we will do our absolute best to rectify the issue. 
  • NO Batteries Required! 
  • Age: 3+ years