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Matchstick Memory Board

This vibrant little game is a fun workout for the brain! Not only does it help improve concentration and Focus but also aids Critical Thinking that helps children nurture their Attention To Detail

This game also helps with Visual Recognition. Since the game is based on finding pieces of the same color, it helps children improve their Visual Differentiation.

With having to remember where certain colored pieces are placed, this game places a lot of emphasis on Short-Term Memory. Children are encouraged to retain pieces of information using visual cues to help them finish the game!


1.Place all pawns randomly on the chessboard color side facing up.

2.Take a few seconds to memorize where the colors are placed on the chessboard, then turn the pieces in their position so the colored portion is hidden inside the board.

3. Throw the dice and find out which color to look for. If you pick out the wrong color, simply put it back in the board.

4.Pick as many identical colored pawns as you can on the chessboard (4 per color)

Package contains 1 wooden chessboard and 24 colored pawns (6  different colors x 4 pieces of each)

Material: Wood

Chessboard Size: 17cm (6.69") in diameter. 

Age: 4-99 years. 

Choking Hazard: Not suitable for children under 3 years old