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Hands & Feet Activity Mat


Watch them have the time of their lives with this energy busting mat game! This activity mat will not only fight boredom (which equals less whining, woohoo!) but will also challenge their minds and muscles – strengthening their bodies and releasing all that pent-up energy – ultimately leaving you with stronger kids (albeit a little sweaty), that won’t fight you when it comes to hitting the hay. A worthy outcome indeed.



The game starts at the base of the mat, the player starts to sequentially hop along the mat following the instructions of the symbols on the mat. This helps improve physical growth, agility and flexibility. 

Size: Hands & Feet Mat 9 ft x 2 ft   (2.8m x 0.6m)

         Feet Only Mat 10 ft x 4 ft (3m x 1.2m)


  • The "Feet Only" mat has 2 pairs of prints - so 2 kids can play at the same time! 
  • The "Hands & Feet" mat has 1 pair of prints which allows 1 child on the mat at a time!